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  • In many ways the Internet, being a global phenomenon that exists irrespective of time zones, is reviving the art of time-keeping as well as helping people respect particular timing regimens (such as work times). Integration between communities in time-based relationships within one or more time zones and the Internet can provide a virtual layer of stability.


    Mobile Means Action

    Since most employees and people in general carry and use mobile phones or tablets, the need of finding time to sit and log on to Web services at home or at work has diminished. People are online at a finger's tap, and they control their inbound communication flow — what better space for them to include and manage work-related appointments? They already use the calendar functions of smart phones, so there is no reason for organisations not to conply with that scenario.

    If properly approached and embraced, then mobile access for people relying upon time and payroll systems can provide an enormous advantage for all, a true win-win. It also increases the ability for a user (employee or partner) to give feedback or receive essential HR support — a huge advantage over the near past and conventional systems.


    Play Their Game

    Most of us now are accustomed to playing various sorts of mobile games, or even game-like routines in everyday website interactions. The truth is that many systems built for heavy everyday use, like banks' or universities' sites, and social networks, use the basic approach of games to hook and guide users.

    That being the case — and we will see much more gaming in ordinary situations, including e-learning — this is a great environment in which to deliver more services. Work and employment is changing, and if how people do their jobs includes different tools then those same tools (like mobile Web access and apps) should be utilised for essential services. Online banking was just the beginning of this trend.


    The Banking Example

    In fact, if we look at the way people now use the Web casually to do their banking and even investment tweaking, not to mention shopping and a host of other things, then the step to more complex tools for life and time management is a short one.

    The Internet has empowered ordinary people with many more financial tools than the brick-and-mortar world ever provided. From Ebay, where anybody can be an online store, to the various e-wallets that are easy to use, new breeds of banking have spawned on the Web.

    For example, various online services, including social networks, include their own cash balances. Gaming services often have monthly membership fees. Mobile phone accounts are now behaving like light credit for people to shop or buy game-time.

    The fact that millions of players who find casinos at a guide site like www.classycasinos.co.uk maintain a cash balance to play is a sign of the times. They trust the Internet for the security of their online entertainment balances (which can grow large when there is a casino win!). They certainly can trust it for banking, and new services like their work scheduling and payroll access.

  • As every employer knows, even the most dedicated and committed employee can sometimes suffer from a lack of motivation. This can be disastrous for a business, as an employee who is not interested in their job is likely to start looking elsewhere for more stimulating employment. Thankfully, if you’re inventive about it then there are plenty of ways to motivate and inspire your workers. As, any successful CEO will tell you, taking on an engaging and empathetic approach will get better results from your workforce than a raised paycheck ever could. Here are a few ideas for how to make your company a welcoming and encouraging place to work.

    For a start, always take time out to highlight individual contributions and achievements. You won’t believe what offering a bit of extra responsibility can do for an employee’s enthusiasm and overall productivity. Always let people know when they’ve done a good job and never let personal achievements go unnoticed. If an employee comes to you with an idea, be sure to give it genuine consideration – and if you take on their advice, make sure you give them due credit.

    A big motivation zapper in the office is boredom, so try to avoid this at all costs. Ideas to break up the day to day monotony include organising group lunches or staff socials, hosting office competitions and nominating different people each week to run meetings. Perhaps you could arrange a staff sports day or weekly games afternoon. If you’re stuck for interactive game ideas, then take a look online to find an extensive range of gaming apps and even online bingo sites where your staff can play against each other for cash and make things more interesting.

    A more personal, although less conventional touch could be allowing workers to bring their pets into the office. This kind of flexibility makes the workspace more welcoming and relaxed, without being too distracting and can really perk up an employee’s happiness levels.

    Speaking of flexibility, be sure to remember that your employees are individuals, each with different needs and working styles. Try to create a working environment which values and accommodates the requirements of individuals – so long as each person is getting the best possible results that they can, how they get there doesn’t matter.

    Along a similar note, if there’s a task which you feel is particularly well suited to a specific employee’s qualities, but it does not currently fall under their job description, then don’t be afraid to shake things up a little by delegating tasks according to what people are good at and enjoy. Don’t adhere too strictly to what everyone’s job is supposed to be, if there could be a more productive solution.

    These are just a few ideas on how to encourage and motivate your employees to give 100% to their job, but there’s plenty more where that came from. Keep an eye on our blog for more ideas for effective workforce management.


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